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Open Source Models

We put control in your hands with open source models

A collage of AI generated images from the Stable Diffusion model

Get involved with the fastest growing open software project. Download and join other developers in creating incredible applications with Stable Diffusion as a foundation model.


It's time to reimagine your creative toolbox


dreamstudio interface illustration stabilityai

Tap into the power of our generative text-to-image suite to create new and unique designs.

  • Clipdrop

    The ultimate ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources for all creators

  • Photoshop Plugin

    Generate and edit images using Stable Diffusion right inside Photoshop

  • Blender Plugin

    Generate textures, generate AI video from your renders, and more right inside your favorite 3D software

Our community of open source research hubs has over 200,000 members building the future of AI

We are working globally with our partners, industry leaders, and experts to develop cutting-edge open AI models for Image, Language, Audio, Video, 3D, Biology and more.

Learn more about Stability AI’s high performance compute power.

  • Harmonai


    Creating open-source generative audio models

  • CarperAI


    Understanding human preferences through automation

  • OpenBioML


    Developing fair and open research for artificial intelligence in biology

  • MedARC


    Developing foundation models and research for medical AI contributions

  • DeepFloyd


    Discovering many new facets of multimodal research

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